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By Kim KardaUpdated on December 04, 2023

In this article, we’ve listed the seven best websites to purchase tiktok likes from real user accounts. So, keep on reading to know the best websites and their features.

Building engagement on TikTok is quite daunting and can be achieved with extra help. If you are a passionate TikToker struggling to build your profile from scratch, buy tiktok likes to speed up your success ratio. Purchasing likes boosts your content reach to its maximum by taking your videos on the “For You” page.

After refining from numerous websites, we’ve listed the seven best websites to purchase tiktok likes from real user accounts. So, keep on reading to know the best websites and their features.

7 Best Websites to Buy TikTok Likes

TikTok is paving the way for young talents to showcase their creativity and businesses to go viral. Amplify your content reach and engagement by purchasing likes. Let’s explore the seven best sites to buy real TikTok likes effortlessly.

  • 1.Trollishly
  • 2.UpViral
  • 3.EarnViews
  • 4.PayMeToo
  • 5.TikViral
  • 6.TikScoop
  • 7.QuickGrowr

With no further delay, let’s dive into the website’s specialties and feature benefits immediately!


Want to buy high-quality TikTok likes at affordable prices? Trollishly is the one-stop solution provider that provides genuine social media growth services at minimal cost. Apart from cost, their packages come in various sizes to serve the needs of all. Both individuals and businesses can buy tiktok likes from Trollishly and enjoy great benefits. With real user likes your posts will gain more engagement and promptly go viral.

Trollishly’s Features

  • 1.Buy real TikTok likes from active users
  • 2.No bots, fake likes, or phony services
  • 3.Transparent transaction process
  • 4.Highly responsive customer support
  • 5.Distinctive service packages

Price Check

Their TikTok likes packages start at $0.47 (A cost-effective package of 50 TikTok likes).


With lots of positive reviews from its customers, UpViral hits the top on TikTok services. They offer premiere quality service to all customers at reasonable rates in the social media market. Choosing UpViral can be a wise investment for increasing your TikTok engagement effectively. Looking further, their payment methods are easy and highly secure. They have an encrypted payment gateway that ensures the safety of your money.

UpViral’s Features

  • 1.Premiere quality TikTok likes
  • 2.Easily-accessible user interface
  • 3.Swift delivery of real user likes
  • 4.Custom-built packages
  • 5.Multiple payment gateways

Price Check

The TikTok likes service packages of 50 real likes start at $0.54


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable TikTok service, EarnViews is the ideal choice. You can enhance your TikTok likes without breaking the bank with their cheap and best services. You can buy the preferred number of likes for your videos by submitting the post link with no further delay. They provide high-speed services through which you can increase the likes and engagement of your posts within a few minutes.

EarnViews’ Features

  • 1.Increases user engagement with real user likes
  • 2.Customized packages that suit all business needs
  • 3.Prompt customer support anytime
  • 4.User-friendly website interface
  • 5.Safe and secure payment system.

Price Check

Their most popular package of 500 TikTok likes costs about $5.59.


PayMeToo helps businesses to promote their content on TikTok with high user engagement rates organically. The real likes sourced from genuine TikTok user accounts ensure you fill your TikTok videos with authentic user likes. Authentic users will increase the credibility of your post and profile incredibly. The complete ordering process is straightforward and quick. You can increase the user likes seamlessly with PayMeToo’s services.

PayMeToo’s Features

  • 1.Instant delivery or real user likes
  • 2.No bots or fake accounts to fill the numbers
  • 3.Safe and seamless order processing
  • 4.No password, no hidden charges
  • 5.Support different payment options

Price Check

Their packages start from $1.29 for 100 TikTok likes (Bulk purchases are highly beneficial)


TikViral is a dedicated TikTok service provider that offers high-quality services. Their services are uniquely attractive with tailored service packages. The packages are suitable for all sizes of businesses, and you can make the smallest possible purchase from them. Many celebrities and business owners prefer buying TikTok likes from TikViral due to its credibility and authenticity. The real user likes will increase the user engagement of your post and enlarge the follower base organically.

TikViral’s Features

  • 1.Lucrative TikTok likes packages
  • 2.Real user likes from active users
  • 3.Advanced and secure payment methods
  • 4.24/7 responsive customer support
  • 5.Enhances TikTok profile performance

Price Check

You can buy 100 TikTok likes for $1.59 and 1000 TikTok likes for $9.59.


If you want to increase your TikTok likes with genuine likes, TikScoop is the best choice. With real TikTok user accounts, TikScoop enables you to boost the likes for your videos effortlessly. Their packages are affordable and precise to fit all budget sizes. It will benefit the small businesses greatly. You can check out their features and service benefits to leverage their fullest potential.

TikScoop’s Features

  • 1.Real and active TikTok user likes
  • 2.Distinctive packages with a catered price list
  • 3.Easy-to-navigate website pages
  • 4.Rocket speed delivery of services
  • 5.Excellent clientele service providers

Price Check

Their packages start from $0.54 for 50 TikTok likes (Available with a 50% discount on all packages).


QuickGrowr is a social media growth service expert who offers authentic services to boost your online presence, engagement, and growth. If you want to grow, your TikTok likes with a better purchasing experience. The diverse range of offers and packages supports all businesses. Their dedicated team of experts assists the customers with replies and responses to their queries. Their services are authentic and result in organic user engagement.

QuickGrowr’s Features

  • 1.Easily accessible website pages
  • 2.No extra charges for buying their services
  • 3.Reliable website with SSL encryption
  • 4.Supports multiple payment platforms
  • 5.No phony or bot-generated services

Price Check

You can buy up to 30K TikTok likes in a single purchase. It costs about $184.49 for 30K likes.

It’s a Wrap

On the whole, all the seven sites discussed above are highly recommended for their service quality and credibility. You can select the service from websites that suit your business needs and budget. When it comes to top preference, Trollishly is a market expert who can tick all the features on your checklist.

Make your TikTok growth more effective and successful by leveraging the benefits of these reliable websites. Grab real TikTok likes to make your profile more engaging!

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