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By Kim KardaUpdated on May 31, 2022

For most Smartphone users, the use of social media platforms, like facebook, twitter, Instagram, and many more, has become an essential activity. With Instagram, users can watch stories of individuals who they follow for business, entertainment and fun purposes. Watching other people’s Instagram stories, in the digital lifetime, can sometimes be boring. There are moments you will be forced to anonymously watch the stories but still remain active on social media. For instance, if you are a brand owner or marketer, you cannot avoid conducting some research anonymously. Nevertheless, some individuals cannot anonymously view other people’s insta stories because they do not know how they can do it or do not have an anonymous stories viewer for Instagram. In this article, how to view Instagram stories and Instagram highlights anonymously without them knowing, best Instagram story viewer for PC, Android and iOS, and how to download stories, photos and videos from Instagram profile in incognito mode will be discussed.

view instagram stories anonymously

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously without them knowing

When you are expecting to be posted in some individuals’ stories ig, you may avoid seeing their stories. Hence, you will not become anonymous to them. As much as viewing their stories on Instagram cannot bother you; once in a while you can be forced to secretly view for some specific people. Instagram does not have an anonymous mode that allows users to anonymously view others’ stories. Nevertheless, there are ways through which you can hide your identity and profile and still be able to view their stories.

If you are interested in viewing Instagram anonymously, the best ways to do so are described for you. You can choose to use the best Instagram Story Viewer for Android, iOS, PC. As much as having an active Instagram profile is known for increasing Instagram followers, as well as interaction, you can use a fake account to view people’s stories. For this purpose, you can use Instagram story viewer app for iOS, Android and PC to anonymously view people, their stories, videos, in addition to downloading pictures and video from the app using a fake account.

Airplane Mode

You can use airplane mode to anonymously view someone’s Instagram story. To achieve this, you need to create an Instagram profile and pull up the specific individual’s profile. On your device, you need to turn on the Airplane mode and reopen Instagram from applications. Then, click on the profile you pulled up or the preloaded stories. As far as checking Instagram stories anonymously is concerned, this is perceived to be the easiest way. Nevertheless, it has some limitations: you are only allowed to view one story or preload two stories at a time. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can use Airplane mode to easily view Instagram profiles and stories.

Fake Accounts

You can as well use a fake Instagram account to view Instagram highlights, reels and stories. All you need to do is to create an Instagram account using a name that will not make it easier for an individual to realize it’s yours.

Best Instagram Story Viewer for PC, Android and iOS

Story viewers are known for working in a way that allows an individual to view Instagram stories, highlights, reels and IGTV anonymously. In this section, the best Instagram story viewer app for iOS, Android and PC are highlighted. Story viewers are meant for giving you complete anonymity and enabling you to not only watch but also use all features of Instagram; this is the best aspect of such applications. You can use this wonderful feature with your computer and iOS or Android phone. Some of these applications include: – best Insta stories viewer for the PC

Today, a lot of people use their personal computers to access their Instagram account. With your personal computer, without being on the viewer’s list, you can view Instagram stories in the anonymous mode of your family members, workmates, or any other person around you. You can achieve this by using application is highly recommended. With, you can view anonymously Instagram stories without an account on your personal computer.

On your personal computer, you can use this application by downloading and installing it. It will give you an opportunity to view Instagram stories of people around you anonymously. After installing it on your computer, for you to view the stories, you need to copy the Instagram account profiles’ links of the people you want to view their stories into the application. The application also enables you to download Instagram stories without an app and watch Instagram stories anonymously online. – best IG story viewer for Android and iOS

For iOS and Android users, is the best application. After installing it, register on the application for you to watch Instagram stories and highlights and reels anonymously. Being an anonymous Instagram story viewer, installing it on your Smartphone is simple and easy. It creates a zeal for always viewing stories using an unknown identity. As soon as you understand how to use this application, viewing people’s stories anonymously on Instagram will become your favorite activity.

You can use this application without registering or logging into your Instagram account. All that is expected of you is to copy the profile link of the person you want to view his or her stories or highlights into the application, on the search box. You will see the whole person’s profile, together with information about the person’s subscribers and followers.

How to view Instagram Stories and Highlights anonymously?

Step 1. Copy the url or name of the Instagram profile that you want to see anonymously (For example, ukeysoft_studio, @ukeysoft_studio or

Step 2. Paste the name in the search bar above and press Enter.

view Instagram Stories anonymously

Step 3. On the page, where you can see all the profile information (the number of subscribers and subscriptions, biography), watch stories and publications

view Instagram Highlights anonymously

Step 4. If you want to download stories or a post, click on the item (it will open full window). There is a \ “Download ” button at the top. When you click on the button, it automatically downloads to your phone or computer. is a free online platform that allows you to anonymously view Instagram profiles. With this platform, you can secretly live broadcasts, highlights, stories, followers, subscribers, comments and likes of a specific Instagram user account.

You do not need an Instagram account to view stories and feeds. The platform is 100% anonymous; you are completely anonymous when you use it. In addition, it enables you to download the stories, which you can later post to your feed.

How to download stories, photos and videos from Instagram profile in incognito mode

In most cases, you can only download all data only from your Instagram profile. This is so because Instagram has come with a policy that prevents other account users from interrupting your privacy. Nevertheless, if you want to download videos, stories and photos from Instagram profile in incognito mode, consider using InstaSaver app.

InstaSaver app – best Instagram Video Downloader

With InstaSaver app, you can anonymously download Instagram stories without app. This makes this application to be incredible. The Instagram user will never notice that her stories, videos and reels have been downloaded by you since it has 100% anonymity. After downloading this app, you need not log into to your Instagram profile to use it. In the search box, you are required to paste the lick of the profile you view.

Incognito suggests that your identity will not appear to the viewer; this application hides your profile information. Apart from being anonymous, with the watch Instagram stories incognito, you can still see other individuals’ profiles and as well use the app to download their media and posts. The profile’s owner will never know that a post, story or video has been downloaded from his profile.

With this application, you have the liberty of using Instagram, in addition to seeing people’s profiles whenever and wherever you want. You can use it to download Instagram stories, watch videos and reels without the knowledge of the public accounts’ owners. You can never be worried about maintaining your anonymity.


The use of different applications, by different users and for different usage, is a sign that the world is adopting the most recent techniques. People are using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Different applications enable individuals to anonymously view Instagram stories. Thought there are several Instagram Viewers, but best ones are Instastories and StoriesIG. In other words, you need the best Instagram story viewer and downloader.

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