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By Kim KardaUpdated on May 26, 2023

Living in Turkey in 2023 is cheaper than other famous Mediterranean destinations. Investing in overseas real estate is becoming more and more attractive to many citizens. Do you want to buy real estate on the front line in Turkey? Do you plan to invest real estate in Turkey? What’s the most important thing you should pay attention to when buying real estate on the front line in Turkey? Here, we will list some useful tips for buying real estate in Turkey.

buy real estate in Turkey

Most choose and buy real estate on the front line in Turkey in Antalya, and other resort regions that are in demand among tourists. However, before investing in foreign real estate, deciding on a further strategy for use and calculating the possible profitability will not be superfluous.

Turkish Property for Resale

buy real estate in Turkey-Turkish Property for Resale

The desire to earn more is quite understandable, but to avoid disappointment in investments, it is essential to set realistic prices. If housing is purchased for long-term capitalization of funds, objects at the construction stage can be considered. But in this case, the apartment cost will increase at best by 30%, but not twice. The price rise depends on some aspects:

  • location area;
  • degree of the prestige of the complex (elite housing is valued more than typical);
  • market demand.

The advantage of complexes with a small number of apartments. If the house includes several hundred apartments, its location is important. On the first line by the sea, almost any housing is valued.

invest real estate in turkey

It is important to bear in mind that you cannot count on quick profits. If you buy apartments closer to the delivery time, the price will be higher. If you take the most favorable cost at the stage of excavation, the construction will take at least a year.

Real estate abroad for the purpose of renting out

buy real estate in turkey

Some things could be improved in this direction. Registering as an individual entrepreneur or a license is required to rent out real estate. This gives rise to regular documentary reporting that requires skills. Unofficial business is fraught with fines, legal proceedings, and even expulsion from the country. This problem is easily solved if you buy real estate in a complex with trust management from the developer. In this case, the search for tenants is undertaken by the management company; however, in this case, the profit is reduced by the amount of commission payments. On average, the profitability of rental real estate can reach 4-5%; for especially sought-after objects, the figure can increase to 8%. But for this, the apartments must be modern and comfortable. There will be no influx of vacationers to budget housing. The most popular areas for rental housing are Alanya, Oba, and Istanbul.

Explore the market

buy real estate in turkey - Explore the market

Before making decisions, an investor needs to study the market with which he will deal carefully. Being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the Turkish market will help you choose the most profitable option possible. What an investor needs to know in the Turkish real estate market:

  • legal aspects of investing and buying and selling real estate in the country;
  • market dynamics: periods of decline and rise;
  • factors affecting the market;
  • projects that can influence the market in the future.

buy real estate and home in turkey

Find a real estate consultant

buy real estate in turkey

A person without proper preparation and deep awareness may face problems that significantly reduce the chances of success. To avoid this, it is better to enlist the support of an experienced real estate consultant. A real specialist understands the market’s nuances well and knows where it is most profitable to invest and where you should be more careful. What an investor should consider when choosing a broker in Turkey:

  • the presence of a special license to work in the field of real estate issued by the Turkish government;
  • the opinion of clients who have already had to work with a broker;
  • broker experience;
  • investment opportunities and prospects offered by the broker.

Assistance with buying property in Turkey

buy home in turkey

Acquisition of housing stock abroad requires knowledge of local legislation and the characteristics of a particular region. Specialists of the largest real estate aggregator in Turkey are ready to help in choosing a home and buying it. The site Turk.Estate contains ads from developers and local agencies with current prices. In the catalog, you can select an option for any budget. The catalog publishes information about sales in all popular locations in the country.

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