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By Kim KardaUpdated on June 19, 2023

Do you want to buy townhouses in Florida for investment? You will see there are a growing number of rich foreigners buy real estate in Florida to establish strong economic and cultural ties. Why are Florida townhouses is a good investment object? This post will tell you what are the precise reasons for property purchase in the state?

Florida differs drastically from all other states of America. It is a famous resort but it is a major financial, economic and tourist hub in the country. Over the past years the area has been transformed into a favorable place for happy living and conducting prolific business. This is naturally reflected in the local real estate market, which has become one of the most dynamic in the United States. In this article we will briefly discuss why foreigners buy townhouses in Florida for investment and what makes them profitable.

Invest Townhouse in Florida

Why Florida?

When we purchase real estate in Florida as an investment object, we mostly benefit from the following features:

Capitalization of value
There is no decrease in prices on the real estate market in Florida. Prices on townhouses in the area tend to rise. This allows homeowners to resell property at a higher price in future and win a significant sum on the difference.

High liquidity
Trend on the U.S. housing and resort location of the state establish stable demand on local housing stock. Therefore, if there is a desire to sell the townhouse and relocate, a buyer will be found quickly.

Abundance of objects
Due to the variety of townhouses for sale, buyers are able to select the option to meet all the requirements. There is a wide range of luxury townhouses priced from several thousand dollars to several million dollars.

High profitability
The annual rate when renting housing ranges from 6.5 to 10%. In such a way, foreigners can invest in a townhouse in Florida, rent it out and get a stable income even living in another country.
What makes townhouses in Florida profitable and comfortable to live in?

Profitability of townhouses in Florida is maintained due to several beneficial characteristics. First of all, all amenities located on the territory of the house belong to the owner. A pool, a piece of land, a terrace and everything else around the house are already included in the total cost of the property.

Florida Townhouse investment object

The U.S. government introduces more flexible conditions for house leasing than renting out an apartment. The owners can lease their townhouses for any term and on more favorable conditions.
Payments for utilities in luxury houses are approximately the same as in the new residential complexes. In such a way, you get access to more territory and a bigger number of amenities for the same regular expenses.

Owning a house, you can maintain any kind of repairs without disturbing your upstairs and downstairs neighbors. The same works with you. If there is something happening on the neighboring territory, you feel no inconvenience.

What is the profit of townhouse leasing?

Experienced investors choose townhouses as potential objects for leasing. This type of accommodation is easily rented out at the desired cost. Most apartment complexes in Florida have restrictions on renting out. For example, you cannot rent out an apartment in Florida often for one or several years after purchase. There may also be restrictions on the number of tenants, their age, profession, availability of pets, etc. In addition, tenants interested in townhouses tend to be family people and as a consequence, they are more trustworthy.

Buy Townhouse in Florida

Investing in rental housing and successful leasing of property may bring up to 10% per annum. As Florida is a favorite location for thousands of expats and tourists, there are almost no risks that your townhouses will lack tenants for some time.

Where to find profitable real estate in Florida?

Looking for luxury townhouses of high profitability in Florida, go to the website Florida.Realestate. An extensive collection of luxury real estate is represented on the website and available for investigation by potential buyers. Here, you can become aware of the relevant prices on premium properties in Florida and obtain updated information about each housing unit.


Ownership of spacious townhouses in Florida is a huge advantage for each wealthy foreign investor and expat with the desire to relocate. In case you buy a home to live permanently in the area, you get a perfect option with comfortable conditions. If you buy a home for leasing, you obtain a significant profit plus the ability to come here at any time of year.

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